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Points to note when installing glass partition

Company news
2018/06/06 12:32
Thepointthatneedsattentionwhenconductingglasspartitioninstallation:thebulletlineofglasspartition Becarefultocheckwhethertheembeddedironpartsareinthecorrectposition(ifthereisnoembeddedironparts,themeta
The point that needs attention when conducting glass partition installation: the bullet line of glass partition
Be careful to check whether the embedded iron parts are in the correct position (if there is no embedded iron parts, the metal expansion bolts should be marked out). The thickness of the ground decorative surface layer (if there is a kicking line, the thickness of the three surface decorative finishes of the kicking line should be taken into account) and the upper limit elevation (the height of the ceiling) should be set aside for the floor-to-ground non-vertical glass partition. First the ground position line, then the position line on the wall and column;