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Key words: mobile partition, high compartment, hardware accessories, glass mobile partition

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Company advantages

一. business objective: to win the market with quality service!
二. Enterprise objective: to create the best quality products, to do the most sincere service.
三. Development goal: "create a first-class industry and become the first in China.
四. Enterprise spirit: "unite and struggle, love and dedication; Pioneering and innovative, dare for the world."
Interpretation: "solidarity" is a basic guiding ideology for the sound development of an enterprise. Through communication, coordination, cooperation and creating a fair and just environment for the enterprise, it will form a unity and step up and down
A consistent situation.
"Struggle" in the work must be accurate, efficient, in the completion of the task to have "not the Great Wall is not a good man" heroic feelings, there must be "do not bow, do not admit defeat, dry tears, insist
The heroic spirit of "living", in the formulation of realistic phased goals, encourages moderately ahead of The Times, and opposes extravagance.
"Benevolence" people have "human nature", and enterprise is the nature of human beings formed by human beings. So what is the "nature" of corporate culture? The nature of corporate culture People first.
However, what is "people-oriented" and "humanized management"? Through a perfect care system, employees can feel the respect, help and love from the enterprise and make them love the enterprise.
Love work and business as home. Keeping good employees is a company's greatest asset."Dedication" is to protect the interests of every employee to the maximum extent under certain conditions. The premise is that there is such a "certain condition," which is not inherentIt's created by every employee in the organization. Everyone must work hard to create this condition by contributing their talents and strength to the enterprise, so as to ensure everyoneAll can enjoy the greatest benefits.
"Pioneering innovation" is the soul of enterprise development. Through extensive scientific research activities and reasonable Suggestions of employees, the innovation of all employees can be realized. Modern management concepts and means
Transformation, informatization and standardization to achieve technological innovation and management innovation; Through extensive exchanges and cooperation with other countries, we will achieve win-win cooperation in new technologies.
"Dare for the world" dare for the world is the source of career success, dare to learn, dare to practice innovation. We should learn and adapt to change, generate and develop in adaptation, and dare to take the initiative
Learning and innovation are seen as working abilities. Any employee of the company has and should have the spirit to dare the world when facing the changeable market and the relationship with others in the same industry.
五. Core values of the enterprise: to satisfy customers and make employees happy.Explanation: the ultimate goal of an enterprise is to create value. Value is the essence of an enterprise's survival and development. Can anyone buy goods or services without value? No one buys your productOr service what do you rely on to make a profit? Only when your product or service has value and is recognized by the society will it bring you endless profits. Employees must also work hard
Only by creating value for the enterprise can we get the due reward. Therefore, customers, enterprises and talents should serve each other, and each should reflect the value of each other.