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Key words: mobile partition, high compartment, hardware accessories, glass mobile partition

Company address: no. 2, datong road, chishan industrial zone, liguan road, lishui town, nanhai district, foshan city, guangdong province, China

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Panel moving partition -65

Panel moving partition -65

Panel moving partition -65

Panel moving partition -65

Panel moving partition -65

Panel moving partition -65

Yalong bay seaview hotel

New century hotel

Beichen international


Choose our strengths


The beauty is generous

Can be customized according to your needs different decorative surface, and indoor unified decorative effect

Convenient construction and easy installation

Professional installation team, construction time, no pollution, project completion can be used immediately

Collect the flexible

The ground does not need any processing, partition closes put freely, can fold can collect, suit what different space is separated requirement


100% quality:

Demei process, 12 years assembly experience, high strength 6063-t6 aluminum profiles, international standard hardware accessories

Stable and safe:

Single piece seamless partition height can reach 13 meters, the built-in up and down expansion mechanism, the partition is stable and reliable, not easy to swing

Long life:

The suspension wheel bearing is made of high strength 6304-2rs, and the imported PA(nylon) wire rod is made of no.45 tempered steel, all of which adopt thermal process and can run 20,000 times


Sound insulation environmental protection


Fire protection and energy saving


Sound insulation

Special soundproof material is adopted for internal treatment. The maximum soundproof coefficient can reach 58dB with internationally certified soundproof performance

Environmental protection and energy saving

Green and environment-friendly materials, the amount of formaldehyde released in accordance with the national standard E1 class (less than 1.5mg/L) is strong and durable, with diversified colors, no deformation and no fading


Long service life


Good fire

High fire resistance

High efficiency fireproofing material production, in line with national fire standards, moisture-proof, non-cracking, non-deformation


Good heat insulation performance, according to different occupancy rate, space separation, reduce the empty power consumption




Honorary certificate


Green environmental promotion products

Recommended products for Chinese engineering construction

Business license

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Welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory

Welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory

Company profile

Foshan nanhai yields and partition industrial co., LTD. Is located in foshan city, guangdong province in the south China sea water red mountain industrial area datong road no. 2, fire insulation partition is activity partition, exhibition hall, museum, hotel, folding door, office high compartment series products specializing in the production of the businessman. We integrate professional r&d, design, sales, manufacturing, installation, technical guidance and after-sales service. Owns many activity partition (65 type, 85 type, 100 type, rail type high (highest finish 17 meters), embedded box single/double glass partition (65 type, 85 type, 100 type), high office cubicle type (80, 100), form a complete set of hotel, interior door, sanitary ware, toilet partition, partition aluminum accessories more than 20 series and all kinds of activities, and with a number of independent intellectual property rights. Since its establishment, the company has installed tens of thousands of projects, product style, sound insulation and strength through Hong Kong quality inspection certification, in the industry leading position.

Since its establishment, it has been committed to the research and development of the partition .....


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2018-06-06 12:35
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