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Key words: mobile partition, high compartment, hardware accessories, glass mobile partition

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After-sales promise

一. During the quality period, users who choose GAOYUO activity partition products can enjoy one-year free warranty service and lifelong after-sales tracking service. Our company conducts quarterly return visits to customers to understand their use of products, and is responsible for the maintenance, debugging and maintenance of product activities to ensure the normal use of products by customers.
二. After the expiration of warranty, if the parts are found damaged, the company shall charge the cost of the parts, the travel expenses of the repairmen and the basic labor costs (including those caused by man-made damage).
三.timely maintenance, repair, customer inconvenience in use process, no matter in the warranty period or not in the warranty period, after we have received a fax from the customers and telephone, will make a plan and schedule in one working day.
四.my company "has always been the pursuit of customer satisfaction with the largest" service concept, there is a trained sales team and installation, the production, the construction team, efficient management and service system is established. Our company with excellent management concept, mature system of brand, specializing in the production of management mechanism, in the field of activity partition service innovation, constantly beyond, strive to provide customers with professional, diversified high-quality service. At the same time the company direct representative office was set up in major cities throughout the country, will provide customers with faster and more time-saving after-sales service, make all the customers in the more at ease when using our products.
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